SW-15 Subwoofer

For those who want the ultimate backline rig the SW-15 subwoofer offers the perfect upgrade path for existing Motion Sound users by providing awe inspiring bass response and output. Featuring a dynamic “15” driver and both XLR and 1/4 jack inputs, plus specific bass EQ controls for maximum control and flexibility this subwoofer is the perfect match for your Motion Sound combo. 

There are cabinet indents on the upper surface of the SW-15 for both the KBR-3D and Pro-145

200 watts

 Response: 40Hz-300Hz

Eminence 15" Delta 15LF subwoofer speaker

Precision-tuned ported cabinet

Balanced XLR input with volume control

Balanced 1/4" input with volume control

Phase switch on each input

300-100 Hz variable high-cut control

60Hz 12db boost/cut control

45Hz 12db boost/cut control

Removable caster set

Cabinet indents for Motion Sound's PRO-145 and KBR-3D

Dimensions: 21" H x 24.5" W x 16.5" D

Weight: 65 lbs - 29.5Kg

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