The 12AX7 tube driven rotary channel on the KBR-3D has an actual speed controlled mechanical rotary horn and stereo low rotor simulator that delivers classic rotary speaker sound for Organs in a portable combo amp format. The dual stereo input channel provides a synthesizer, electronic piano, or sound module with superb stereo sound whilst the 3D channel has a spatial expander control for incredible expansion of the stereo image. The dual channels allow two separate keyboards to be plugged into the KBR-3D at the same time.

KBR-3D Specs:

100 watts per channel, + 45 watt rotary horn                                                                 

Two 10-inch speakers - two 3.5-inch ferro-cooled horns - 80-watt MS 1.2 rotary horn 

Fast/Slow/Stop rotary speed control foot-switch                                                         

Rotary channel: two 1/4-inch inputs, 12AX7, Pre and Post Gain, Contour EQ               

Two microphones on rotary horn, rear panel mixer to outputs, 

Low rotor stereo simulator, bass, horn volume, effect level                                                                   

Stereo channels: two pairs of 1/4-inch inputs with volumes,                                          

EQ: Global bass, middle, treble.                                                                                   

Stereo channel One has Spatial Expander                                                                      

1/4-inch rear panel power amplifier line inputs                                                             

XLR left and right outputs contain all signals for PA feed                                              

Size: 21"H 24.5"W 16.5”D  

Weight: 32kg - 70lbs

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