The most compact, lightweight and portable method of incorporating true rotary sound quality into your sound system the Pro-3X is a high frequency rotor with a 45W power amplifier, FET valve simulation technology for replication of classic valve amplifier configurations, multiple output options and studio quality EQ all designed to integrate with your existing amplification. Ideal for use with any keyboard, organ or synth that generates classic drawbar or tab flute voices the Pro-3X can turn a good sound into a sensational one. The Pro-3X is the 3rd generation of the Pro-3 design, and its features and operation have been further enhanced to make it an ideal addition in domestic, studio or gigging situations.

Pro-3X Specs:

Mechanical rotary horn with 45 watt amplifier

Fast/Slow/Stop speed control

800Hz crossover

Proprietary class A, AB, B variable mode FET pre-amp

Treble and mid EQ controls

Adjustable low rotor simulator with high and low frequency controls.

Removable-cord LED control footswitch

Low rotor simulator LED speed indicator

1/4-inch low rotor simulator output.

Built-in horn microphone

Horn microphone and low rotor mixer to 1/4-inch output for PA use or support amplification.

6.5"H 20"W 16.5”D 

Weight: 12.5kg - 27lbs

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